TES FAQ: What is a wire harness? 

What is a wire harness? 

A wire harness is a bundle of wires or cables that utilizes low cost elements to contain its components together in an organized and efficient manner. A wire harness will typically utilize a sheath material like thermoplastic that provides some protection for its internal wires and cables but for the most part, these components will already have their own protective sheathing, minimizing the need for additional protective measures.

What is a wiring harness used for?

Wiring harnesses solve two essential problems within an electrical system – geometric limitations and electrical requirements. Wiring harnesses help provide the physical support system for cables and wires to be employed within a very specific space, in an organized, and protected manner. Wiring harnesses are used in a variety of applications from airplane engines to commercial and residential electrical wiring. Wiring harnesses provide a low-cost solution for organizing and protecting a specific group of cables and wires within a system.

Is a wire harness different than an electrical harness?

There is no difference, a wire harness is called many different names, including cable assembly, cable harness, and wiring assembly. It is a common misconception that cable assemblies and wiring harnesses are one and the same. In fact, these two components play separate and distinct roles within an electrical system.

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