TES Elektrik is the sole supplier for all your cabling needs!

We are one of the leading PVC cables, tubes and cable harness manufacturers in Turkey.

TES Elektrik brings over 25 years of combined experience, our team of engineers and skilled sales support can provide a turn-key solution to your specific cable harness requirements, from design through prototype, production and testing. Producing PVC cables, tubes and cable harnesses in premises allow us to reduce lead time and reduce cost.

We provide cost-effective wire harnesses, over-moulded wire harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies.

Besides sourcing and producing the complete wire harness, we can also stock the finished goods in preparation to help to reduce the stock holdings.

Why TES Elektrik?
What is the benefit of outsourcing your cable harnesses?

- Reduce direct and indirect overheads by using an all-in-one provider
- Decrease lead and production time 
- Improvements in quality using a provider with a large special machine park as well as resourcing and testing
- Conformity to quality standards with IS09001 accreditation
- Lower costs due to economies of scale
- Technical support services
- Reliable delivery times
- Fair and right costs

The capabilities are endless, from a basic lead to a bespoke wiring loom TES Elektrik is the partner for you to choose.

Industries TES Elektrik Specializes in:

Home Appliances
HVAC Devices (Domestic heaters and coolers)
Energy Generation Sets
Sub-automotive (signal lever, wiper, gear shift wire harness etc)

Our Customers benefit from our fair prices, high quality and flexibility.

T: 2.02.2018
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