Heating & Cooling Cable Harnesses


We are providing top quality custom cable harnesses according to special needs and electrical circuit designs of our customers. All TES Elektrik wire harnesses comply with ISO 9001:2015 standards and are ROHS compliant.

All of the wire harnesses that we provide to our customers are manufactured by using semi and fully automated machines with crimp force control modules then tested 100% on test-boards, before shipped to our customers.

Cable harnesses with IDC (RAST) Connectors are produced with semi-automated Stocko machines with control units (Stocko IDC RAST 2.5, RAST 2.5 Pro, RAST 5 Pro). IDC connectors are 100% controlled, colours, positions and crimps of the cables are checked during and after the production on test-boards.

Wire Harnesses for HVAC Industry;

  • Condensing Boiler Wire Harness
  • Conventional Boiler Wire Harness
  • ERP Boiler Wire Harness
  • Electric Boiler Wire Harness
  • Boiler Control Panel Wire Harness
  • Air Conditioner Wire Harness
  • Elbi Motorized Valve Plug
  • 3-Way Valve Plug
  • Honeywell and SIT Gas Valve Plugs
  • Grundfos and Wilo (PWM) Pump Plug
  • Boiler Ignition Cable
  • Air Conditioner Display Wire Harness
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